Naked Guitar Trip Crowd funding

裸ギター旅/ Naked Guitar Trip Sydney




これは、シドニーで始めたのですが、来月には日本に帰らなくてはなりません。そこで、日本に帰る前にどうしても、アートと音楽の街、メルボルンに行きたいのです。メルボルンの 街を歩いて、ミュージシャンたちと知り合い、その人と一度きりでも、音楽を一緒にやりたいのです。


Naked guitar trip is the video project which I will walk around and find musicians on the streets and play music with them.

This video is for crowd funding, Pozible.

I came up with this idea when I met a young musician and a guitar player on the train with naked guitar meaning guitar out of the case. He asked me if I do music because I had my guitar with me (in the case) I asked why he has his guitar out of the case. And he said ‘cause I can play it whenever I want’ then we separated. Afterwards I thought it would have been so much fun if I pulled my guitar out of the case and started a session with him on the train.

If this is successful, maybe in the future I would like to this is in Europe too.

This is the page for crowdfunding.


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