豪州で初CDができました!音楽系バスカーには欠かせない大切な収入源。これで興味のある人に買ってもらえる!タイトルは動画シリーズと同じMusicaholic’s Australian Dream.初めて英語の歌詞で歌ってます。英詩はお馴染み、この動画を作ってくれている児玉夏子さんが英語ができるので、僕のイメージを伝えて、それを書いてもらいました。
Finally made a CD in Australia for the first time! It is an important income as a Musical busker. First time composing English lyric songs. The person who records all the footage for this web series, Natsuko Kodama can speak English so I told her my image for lyrics and she written them in poetic English.

A singer and I/ 歌い手と僕



I met Agnes who is a singer while I was busking. She invited me to do a gig with her at 2 different places. One was in New Town called ‘Lentils on the Rocks’. The payment was ‘Pay what you feel’. I thought it is very cool. The second place was in Hornsby, little bit away from the main city. The people there were mostly middle aged people. They were very kind that they shock hands with me and told me that our show was good. Everyone was amazed by Agnes’s voice.