Omurice Song -ragtime blues, galloping arrange- (cf. Blind Blake, Blind Boy Fuller)


I am from Kochi, rural area in Japan. I left my hometown saying「I am going to Tokyo for music!I will not come back for a long time!」I wrote this song when I missed my hometown. (But I came back in just 2 months. haha I love Kochi.)
There are many phrases from Legend of Ragtime Blusmen, Blind Blake and Blind Boy Fuller, in Intro and guitar solo.

Music & Performance: Hikaru Komatsu
Guitar solo: Phrases from Legends of Ragtime Bluesmen
Guitar: Maton Guitars EBG808TE
Recording: Zoom H5
Video: Natsuko Kodama
Camera: Cannon 60D, Panasonic HC-WX990M
Place: The ruins of the Asakura Castle(朝倉城跡)in Kochi, Japan
Recorded March 16th 2017

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Hikaru Komatsu

Japanese Busker


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