Lovely Day -ragtime, galloping arrange-(cherry blossom GoPro footage)


I wrote this song when I used to live in Sydney, Australia. It had been so nice weather everyday there. The life there was so healthy and peaceful.
The day we shot this video in Kochi, Japan is also nice day in spring. You can see a bit of cherry blossoms.
This was the first time to shoot with GoPro for me. The view from inside of guitar and playing while lying on the green leaves was so interesting, and I am glad if you could also enjoy this video.

Music & Performance: Hikaru Komatsu
Guitar: Maton Guitars EBG808TE
Recording: Zoom H5

Video: Natsuko Kodama
Camera: GoPro hero3+, Canon 60D

Place: Kagami River (鏡川)in Kochi, Japan.
Recorded April 13th 2017

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Hikaru Komatsu

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