Nashville -for big thank you and all my gratitude to the people in Nashville, IN and Nashville, TN- (song by Hikaru Komatsu)


This is the guitar I got as a prize at Indiana State Fingerstyle Guitar Festival. I started writing this song in Nashville in Tennessee. And finished and polished it in Nashville in Indiana. I played for thanks to the people there who were really kind and helpful to me even it was my first time to go there. Definitely I hope to see them next year again.
Especially I appreciate that the people at Indiana State Fingerstyle Guitar Festival took care of me very much. This guitar sounds like what I just love. It fits me to play easily, and looks also beautiful. This was made by Scott Campbell (SDC Guitars). Thank you Scott, I am going to do my best to be a great guitar player to suit this great guitar.
Thank you for all I met there.

Music:Nashville -for big thank you and all my gratitude to the people in Nashville, IN and Nashville, TN- (song by Hikaru Komatsu)
Performance: Hikaru Komatsu
Guitar: Handmade by SDC Guitars
Recording: Zoom H5
Video: Natsuko Kodama
Camera: Canon 60D
Place: Saratoga Park Brooklyn NY
Recorded August 27th 2017

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Hikaru Komatsu

Japanese Busker


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